Never Steady, Never Still

"A poetic study of familial relationships straining and strengthening under the pressure of serious illness." - Screen International

“Filmmaker Kathleen Hepburn’s first feature-length film is sweet, sad and unapologetically Canadian. It follows the travails of Judy (Shirley Henderson), a woman struggling to live with Parkinson’s Disease while trying to launch her son Jamie into the world. “You’ve got to live your life,” she tells Jamie in one particularly poignant following a death that will leave her alone to fend for herself in her isolated northern home. Jamie (Théodore Pellerin) has plenty of troubles of his own, among them a hard, lonely life working as a roughneck in the oilpatch and trying to come to terms with his sexual identity.

“Henderson delivers a truly impressive performance as Judy, allowing us to see the strong, sensitive woman behind the disability. Pellerin demonstrates strong screen presence as her tormented son. There’s some great supporting work from Nicholas Campbell as Ed and Mary Galloway as Kaly, a teenager dealing with her pregnancy alone.

“It’s rather bleak but the camera work is exceptional, the pace languorous and Hepburn’s screenplay deliberately ambiguous.” - Toronto Star


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