“Darren Aronofsky specializes in movies about people driven to extremes. In Noah, God Himself is the force driving the hero. Man has grown evil and greedy and lazy and unworthy.

“This would seem to leave little room for suspense or ingenuity. And yet Aronofsky, who co-wrote the screenplay with Ari Handel and is working on his largest canvas to date, manages to sneak enough difficult questions about following God’s will blindly and the selfish nature of man to give Noah enough heft to go along with the giant spectacle. As played by Crowe in his kind-brute Gladiator mode, Noah is a man who will not question his Master’s orders, no matter how difficult or illogical they may seem. But Noah’s faith is tested as deeply as Abraham’s in the second half of the movie, when Aronofsky throws some wrinkles into the story that, while not part of any known theology, deepen the film’s exploration of the lengths to which true believers are sometimes forced to go.

“Even though everyone knows how the story ends, Noah is unex- pectedly exciting and emotional, and Aronofsky, always a great stylist, constantly does things with the camera that keep the movie visually entrancing.” - Miami Herald


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