Nomad: In The footsteps of Bruce Chatwin

"Duplicating many of Chatwin's most notable journeys, Herzog evokes the late English wanderer's restless soul and curious fascination with profound issues that have long captivated the director." - Variety

"Bruce Chatwin was searching for a strangeness as he traveled to remote parts of the world, Werner Herzog says early in Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin. He sought out ancient loci of unexplained energy fields; tribes who used songs to navigate vast wilderness; rituals whose costumes remain haunting today — little wonder, then, than he felt a kinship with a filmmaker whose own obsessions were just as fierce and strange. Three decades after Chatwin died of AIDS, Herzog offers a touching remembrance of the writer, going to some of the places he treasured and speaking with those who knew him. Admirers of either artist will find it very worthwhile, as will viewers who need the occasional reminder that the world still contains wild places to explore.

“Both men believed not just in travel but in ‘the sacramental aspect of walking’ — the way the world reveals itself to those who take the slow, hard path from one place to the next.” - The Hollywood Reporter


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