On The Road

“Walter Salles's On the Road is a lovely adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic beat-generation novel, long been deemed unfilmable. Salles has proven the contrary, bringing evocative images, fresh faces, and fine emotional shadings to the famous tale of friendship, love, sex, drugs, jazz, and the American landscape.
“On the Road is a film of grace and feeling. Salles is more interested in moments of quiet revelation than fireworks or catharsis. He also has a delicate touch when it comes to period reconstitution.
“The film lingers in the senses, and the final confrontation is a low-key heartbreaker. As for his cast, Salles draws a star-making turn from Garrett Hedlund, who makes the story's catalyst, magnetic drifter Dean Moriarty, both an irresistible cad and a genuine lost soul. Kristen Stewart radiates a raw new sensuality” - Jon Frosch, The Atlantic

On The Road

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