PD Day matinee!

“Author Michael Bond’s unfailingly polite, marmalade-munching English teddy from Darkest Peru—gets a gloriously whimsical big-screen debut that’s closer to the madcap spirit of the Muppets and the lovingly rendered style of a Wes Anderson film than to standard multiplex family fodder.

“The storybook bear’s tale remains largely intact: After enduring hardship in Peru, our red-bowler-topped hero stows away to London, where he is taken in by the Browns. He soon bumbles comically through the trappings of everyday human life.

"Paddington is fast-paced yet unhurried, serving up surprisingly subtle ideas on melting-pot urban diversity and rich visual tableaux. Writer-director Paul King has taken to heart the instructions hanging from Paddington’s neck: ”Please look after this bear. Thank you.” Mission accomplished.” - Entertainment Weekly


No screenings currently scheduled.

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