Paths of Glory

“You can sense Kubrick stretching his cinematic wings in this prime slice of Hollywood liberalism, his third feature. Famously banned in France until the mid-70s, it has Kirk Douglas as a lawyer turned mili- tary man who takes on the invidious task of defending three of his men - plucked at random - who are put on trial for cowardice after a failed attack during the first world war.

“A heartfelt plea for tolerance in postwar Europe, Paths of Glory clearly also has one eye on the recently-concluded HUAC hearings, America's own abuse-of-process scandal. Of perhaps equal interest now is Paths of Glory's place in Kubrick's own development as a film- maker: the dramatic compositions, expansive tracking shots, and abil- ity to corral high-prestige actors into risky material. More to the point, Paths of Glory remains a model of narrative precision”. -The Guardian


No screenings currently scheduled.

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