Patti Cake$

"Stands to become one of the year's most endearing discoveries" (Variety). "An unambiguous joy." (NY Times)

The most endearing and heart-warming underdog story of 2017 is here, and it’s PATTI CAKE$. This movie had them on their feet cheering and dancing at Sundance, and it will introduce you to a scrappy new hero in the vein of Rocky Balboa, HUSTLE AND FLOW’s Djay and 8 MILE’s B-Rabbit.

Danielle McDonald shines as Patty “Dumbo” Dumbrowski, a working class girl from the crummier reaches of New Jersey. Her life is sub-average, boring, maybe even hopeless, but within her burns lyrics and rhymes that she can spit with the best of them. Patty doesn’t look like your standard rap star - she’s plus-sized, white and has frizzed-out, cherry-blonde hair - but in her soul lives the spirit of hip-hop. McDonald creates an indelible character in PATTI CAKE$, bringing Patty’s ambition and talent to life in ways that will have you pumping your fists as she takes the stage

Filled with slice-of-life reality balanced with a crackling energy, PATTI CAKE$ is the debut feature from music video director Geremy Jasper. He finds the truth in Patty’s life and makes it real for us, bringing us on her thrilling musical journey to overcome the people, the places and the doubt that hold her back. Anyone who has ever dreamed will see themselves reflected on screen in PATTI CAKE$. - Alamo Drafthouse

"A rousing and triumphant tale of freedom, creative expression, self-discovery, finding your voice -- and actually being heard. Imagine that." - Tribune News Service

“[Killa-P] announces her force-of-nature personality from her very first song"" - Peter Debruge, Variety


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