Penguins (CINE BABIES)

Disney’s Nature Doc Celebrates Our Furry Flightless Friends

"A new Disneynature documentary from directors Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson — Penguins puts the focus on Steve (voiced by Ed Helms), an Adélie penguin coming of age during a freezing Antarctic spring. Yup, these penguins are adorable; resistance is futile. Steve’s 100-mile journey from his natural ocean habitat to the breeding grounds on shore does not skimp on trials and travails, which include nest building and making a life for himself. It’s no easy ride. Two feet tall and weighing in at 15 pounds, Steve is hardly a superhero. In fact, he’s a natural target for leopard seals, killer whales and the bigger, bullying Emperor penquins. No matter. The little guy can fight with the best of them.

"It took 16 cinematographers over three years to capture the stunning images on view. And the effect is jaw-dropping, whether we’re watching the penguins swim and dive with synchronized precision or try to locate the colony’s nesting females now covered in snow. The film doesn’t shy away when nature lowers the boom with harsh weather, predator attacks and the instinct in penguins to steal food and building materials from each other.

"Oddly and disappointingly, climate change is never addressed. Yes, the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins covered much of the same ground in 2005. But the Mouse House’s version is funnier, kid friendlier. Fantasy elements aside, this Disney movie has the one essential that makes a nature documentary fly: a thrilling sense of wonder." - Rolling Stone

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