"The romp is gentle in nature, cheeky in tone and is clearly determined to join Keaton's other recent films in presenting a polite yet resolute middle finger to those who stereotype the elderly." - 3AW

"When people ask us, 'What are some of your core beliefs?' we always say, 'It’s never too late to follow your dreams, and also Diane Keaton is a flawless national treasure whose every performance makes the world a better place to live.'

"It turns out that we, as well as everyone who shares those core beliefs (so, everyone?), are the target audience for the delightful new comedy, Poms. In the film, flawless national treasure Diane Keaton (Book Club) moves into a retirement community and forms a cheerleading squad with her fellow residents (including flawless treasures Pam Grier, Rhea Perlman, and Jacki Weaver). Together, they’ll face death, celebrate life, and take on a bunch of snot-nosed teenagers in a full-fledged cheerleading competition.

"From the studio that brought you Bad Moms and featuring an all-star cast, Poms is an inspiring, hilarious story about a group of badass women who choose to make every day count. It’ll make you want to cheer." - Alamo Drafthouse


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