Charity event - tickets $10 - donations of more appreciated

Don’t miss this screening of the entire first season of the acclaimed and award winning web series Posthuman.
Produced locally by DragonGem Productions, Posthuman tells the future noir story of Charlie Porter, a private detective investigating an underground subculture known as the “Memes.” As he gets closer to the source, he begins to be haunted by a mysterious voice he hears in his head. Along his journey, we get to know his lost love, resistance fighter Gina, who defends against the class warfare of Capital City from the walled off ghettoes. We meet Dr. Dorothy Ascher, an unethical nano-medical researcher whose experiments on herself may have lead to a frightening world changing singularity. Finally we meet Gibson, an untrustworthy information broker who once worked with Porter, who now occupies Gina’s bed, and who is playing all sides of the mystery.  The screening will also include the debut of the GRFF award winning season two premiere episode, Recidivist.
Proceeds will be donated to ROOF, a facility that provides outreach, shelter, drop-in and essential services to the region’s homeless and at-risk youth.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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