Promised Land

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“Promised Land pits the decreasing value of acreage against the valuable gases housed beneath. No anti-corporate screed, this gentle tale is modest in its ambitions, with an unpredictable arc.
“Gus Van Sant explores greed in this story of a rural Pennsylvania community in which Steve (Matt Damon) arrives to persuade locals, most of them struggling farmers, to sell drilling rights on their property to extract natural gas. The process is called fracking, and what Steve is selling is not simple, despite his claims. Steve and his co-worker Sue Thomason (Frances McDormand) expect that the local residents will embrace an infusion of cash. Never mind the controversy over water contamination and potential toxins. But the citizenry is understandably wary. They decide to put the question to a vote.
“Steve is clearly well-intentioned. He befriends townsfolk and believes he's helping with modest cash windfalls. Damon's performance is one of his best. Initially a true believer in the cause, Steve, informed by his own rural roots, sees his conviction falter over time.
“Promised Land is an involving and timely tale that explores the changing nature and complex challenges of rural life.” - USA Today

Promised Land

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