Pulp Fiction: 30th Anniversary

Quentin Tarantino's 1994 masterpiece is back on the big screen!

"Tarantino weaves a patchwork of crime film history into something shiny and new. Peppered with great moments eaten up by actors working at the top of their game, Pulp Fiction's witty writing, pop culture-surfing, gleeful amorality, cult tuneology and hyperkinetic energy has redefined the crime genre for the foreseeable future.

"Pulp Fiction operates in the hinterland between reality and movie reality. Into a cadre of movie archetypes — the assassin, the mob boss, the gangster's moll, the boxer who throws a fight — Tarantino injects a reality check that is as funny as it is refreshing. Through its tricksy plot structure, very few films capture such a rich sense of an interconnected crime community.

"More protean than Dogs, more fun than Jackie Brown, Pulp is perfectly wrought. Brilliantly written and unfathomably cool, this would make a good case for most quotable crime movie of all time." - Empire


No screenings currently scheduled.

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