Remembrance Day Tribute - World War I

“Regeneration is about the effects of the horrifying trench warfare in World War I and the terrible toll it took. It makes effective drama out of questions of moral responsibility.

“It is 1917, and shell-shocked English officers are brought from the French battlefield to a sanitorium in the quiet, color-saturated beauty of Scotland, where it is the job of Dr. William Rivers to help them recover their "skills of command" and return to combat. It becomes clear that the psychiatrist himself is becoming a war casualty.

“One of his officer patients is the English poet Siegfried Sassoon. He is not shell-shocked but outraged by what he has been through, including the death of his best friend, and has thrown away his Military Cross. He is not a pacifist but believes the war has changed from one of liberation to aggression. Another English war poet, Wilfred Owen, figures in this story, based on the novel by Pat Barker, who has been struck mute by what he has seen.

“Director Gillies Mackinnon has included highly stylized battlefield sequences.  The audience comes to realize the sequences are the officers' nightmares. Excerpts of Sassoon and Owen's poetry are presented in voice-over.” - Bob Graham, San Francisco Chronicle 


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