Joseph Fiennes leads a top-notch cast in 'Risen,' "a clever, evocatively-told twist on the crucifixion story." - Toronto Sun

"A kind of Biblical detective story, with an unlikely dash of Jason Bourne-style action, Risen explores the mystery of what happened to Christ’s body, as witnessed through the eyes of a worldly Roman tribune, Clavius (Joseph Fiennes). He is tasked with disposing of the corpse for his weary master Pontius Pilate (Peter Firth) who is keen to put a lid on this Messiah business and move on in readiness for an upcoming visit from Caesar.

"A fair degree of intrigue and curiosity is aroused by the 'hunt for the body' as Clavius tries to track down the disciples in search of answers; starting with the hapless soldiers who were on guard duty outside the tomb when Jesus rose from the dead.

"Clavius finds himself increasingly troubled by the evidence that Yeshua might not be a fraud after all, notably in the form of powerful testimonies from his followers. There is a certain fascination in witnessing the 'ground zero' of Christianity and wondering how you personally would respond to the events, with Clavius as a kind of circumspect audience proxy.

"A beefed-up Fiennes gives a sturdy, thoughtful performance and it’s handsomely mounted by director Kevin Reynolds, best known for action pictures like Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves." - Daily Mail

"Risen, which features Cliff Curtis (Training Day) as Jesus, plays like a clever procedural. It's a solid, smart picture and a welcome addition to the genre." - Philadelphia Inquirer


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