Free screening for National Canadian Film Day! Free copies of Roadkill DVD to be given away!

A National Canadian Film Day screening.

Free copies of Roadkill -the DVD- will be given to the first 30 attendees!

“Shot in grainy black and white, this satirical look at all things Canadian opens with a spoof of the Canadian wildlife service’s ubiquitous Hinterland Who’s Who film reels that featured 60-second vignettes on different animal species — and a very melancholy flute line.

“The first thing we see is the furry face of a “northern cotton-tailed rabbit” twitching his cute little bunny nose, followed by the ominous sound of screeching tires and a honkin’ huge internal combustion engine. Valerie Bughiar stars as Ramona, a lowly intern for a slimy, pony-tailed rock promoter. When the booker can’t reach his band, The Children of Paradise, he sends Ramona out to find them in the wilds of northern Ontario. Ramona ends up at a gas station and discovers the wayward band in their Winnebago.

“Soon, the unadventurous Ramona turns into a wild woman behind the wheel as she and a cast of kooky Canadians tear up the highway.” - Ex-Press


No screenings currently scheduled.

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