Rod the Stormtrooper: The Final Episodes


Four years have passed since the Star Wars fandom was changed forever with the release of "The Last Jedi". The chaos that followed saw the destruction of the once-peaceful Stormtrooper Core, and the rise of the Jedi led by Nick Verrader. Rod Panaflex, former leader of the Stormtrooper Core has been forced into hiding to protect his friends and family who have had to leave their love of Star Wars behind. When Rod is visited by a stranger, he must choose whether or not to return and save the Star Wars fandom from the tyrant, Nick Verrader; the first person in the world to own a real lightsaber, or leave his past life behind and continue on in exile.

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These final four episodes of the "Rod the Stormtrooper" series will complete a story that began more than fifteen years ago. The story of a middle-aged man who believes he is a Stormtrooper, and wants to bring Star Wars fans around the world together.

This series began in 2007 and since then has been filmed in and around the Waterloo Region working with a very much local cast and crew.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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