Winner! Oscar for Best Actress (Brie Larson). "It's a deeply satisfying, profoundly moving adaptation of a popular novel, an all-too-rare occurrence in modern Hollywood." Winner, Golden Globe Best Actress

"Adapted from Emma Donoghue’s 2010 novel of the same name, this captivity narrative about a woman and her young son living in a 10-by-10-foot shed is no one’s idea of a feel-good story. Yet in the hands of the author — who wrote the screenplay — and Irish director Lenny Abrahamson, what could have been a lurid glimpse into the heart of darkness instead becomes a probing, extraordinarily tender portrait of maternal devotion and youthful resourcefulness. The most handy comparison may be the 1997 Holocaust parable 'Life is Beautiful,' in which a father desperately tries to protect a child from the horrors of his world by infusing it with joy, resilience and enchantment.

"By the time ROOM gets underway, 5-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay) has learned to provide that sense of wonder all on his own. His mother, Ma — played in a note-perfect performance by Brie Larson — was kidnapped as a teenager seven years earlier. Impregnated by her captor, she has been fiercely guarding her son’s innocence and well-being ever since, including when the man known only as Old Nick appears to demand sex in return for groceries and supplies. Ma makes sure that Jack is hidden in a cupboard for these encounters, which he only dimly understands from his dramatically circumscribed experience. His entire world consists of the things he can see and touch within the tiny environs of the shed, which, thanks to Ma and his own imagination, has taken on the parameters of a fairy-tale kingdom.

"Jack can’t comprehend a greater world outside Room, as he and Ma call their shared universe, until his fifth birthday, when Ma decides to tell him more about the troubling roots of their life together. Soon thereafter, ROOM takes a dramatic turn, during which their bond is both strengthened and tested to an unimaginable degree." - Washington Post


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