Saint Omer

Winner of multiple major awards, including the Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize at Venice, and named Best International Feature by the Toronto Critics Association

"First, the real-life facts of the case, more shocking than you’ll find in most fiction: In November 2013, a mother took a train from Paris to the northern French coast, along with her 15-month old daughter. She checked into a hotel, walked down to the water at night, fed the hungry child, and left her to drown at high tide.

"That mother, Fabienne Kabou, went on trial in 2016, where she acknowledged the killing and spoke of sorcery and witchcraft, but added: 'Nothing makes sense in this story.'

"Sitting in that courtroom was French documentary filmmaker Alice Diop. Like Kabou a woman of Senegalese descent, Diop had been fascinated by the case since she’d seen a grainy surveillance photo in a newspaper. She spent days sitting in the courtroom, staring at the woman in front of her, seeking to understand the impossible.

"What emerged from that experience is the spellbinding SAINT OMER, Diop’s debut feature, but really a film that exists somewhere in the space between documentary and scripted narrative, between truth and fiction. Most crucially, it's a film so original in approach that one feels only Diop could have made or even conceived of it." - ABC News

"Saint Omer is no small feat. It is riveting and uncompromising cinema of the highest order." - Austin Chronicle

"An intellectually charged, emotionally wrenching story about the inability of storytelling — literary, legal or cinematic — to do justice to the violence and strangeness of human experience." - New York Times



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