Searching For Sugar Man

See the documentary and see Rodriguez in concert! Rodriguez plays Centre in the Square Sept 10

Winner of an Oscar for Best Feature Documentary, Searching for Sugar Man has been described as part music documentary, part detective story and part homage to artists everywhere. The film follows the remarkable story of Sixto Rodriguez, a Detroit-based folk musician who released two excellent albums in the early 1970s, which, according to one record label executive, sold only six copies. The albums and Rodriguez, a reclusive and stage-frightened artist, disappeared into obscurity. Meanwhile, unbeknown to his home country and certainly not the artist himself, in South Africa Rodriguez and his anti-establishment message was becoming a cultural phenomenon among anti-Apartheid liberals. He was, without exaggeration, bigger than Elvis, and had record sales at the platinum level. Rodriguez's legend was partially due to his mystique and rumours of his death by on-stage suicide. To reveal more about this incredible and inspiring true story would warrant a spoiler alert.

"Searching for Sugar Man is a highly entertaining musical mystery tour that unfolds with the pacing and the allure of a well-told rock 'n' roll fairy tale. By the time it's finished, thanks to a wonderfully played twist, it becomes the sweetest kind of documentary: a meaningful and inspirational tribute to unrecognized genius everywhere."


No screenings currently scheduled.

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