SEED: The Untold Story

One show only! "A handsome and nutrient-rich look at efforts to preserve food-system biodiversity." - Hollywood Reporter

Advance tickets available online

“Farming may seem prosaic to the uninitiated, but Seed: The Untold Story reveals the poetry present in the practice through its smallest element. Multiple people in the documentary compare seeds to jewels, both for their varied, colorful appearance as well as for their value.

“Directors Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz travel the world to tell their story, speaking with farmers, seed bankers, ethnobotanists and even Jane Goodall. They weave a tale of farming that begins centuries ago, sharing how the changes in industrial farming — and particularly the growth of biotech companies like Monsanto and Dow — are damaging disappearing cultures like the Hopi tribe and affecting the health of people around the globe.

“This is a gorgeously made film, put together with as much care as its subjects devote to saving the remaining varieties of seeds.” - LA TImes


No screenings currently scheduled.

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