"Denis Villeneuve takes on the Mexican drug trade in this stern, robust, abandon-hope-all-ye-who-enter thriller." - Time Out

"Denis Villeneuve’s cracking drug thriller, SICARIO, provides a vehicle for the wonderful Emily Blunt to give an Oscar-worthy performance as a tough but idealistic FBI agent who is asked to volunteer as a liaison to a multi-agency effort to take down a powerful Mexican drug lord who’s supplying the Southwestern United States, leaving a string of dead victims in his wake.

"Like Jessica Chastain’s heroine in 'Zero Dark Thirty,’' she’s largely kept in the dark about the particulars of the mission, which turn out to involve extralegal techniques similar to those employed in the war on terror. The operation is led by a smarmy 'consultant’' (Josh Brolin) who Blunt’s character suspects is a CIA agent, and includes a shadowy South American operative (Benicio del Toro), whose motives are also suspect to Blunt.

"SICARIO incredibly suspenseful, loaded with well-designed action and full of twisty surprises. Brolin and del Toro are also terrific in the film, which is well worth seeing, and it’s a well-deserved showcase for Blunt." - New York Post


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