Sound of Metal

Nominated for 6 Oscars Including Best Picture & Actor!

"A film that deserves to be seen by the widest possible audience, reminding us of cinema's unique ability to challenge, entertain, uplift and unite." - Observer 

"Ahmed's performance is a force to be reckoned with." - Independent  

"Ahmed is Ruben, former drug-addicted drummer of metal duo Blackgammon with girlfriend manager Lou (Olivia Cooke) on guitar/vocals. The movie opens with a blistering performance — Sound Of Metal does that thing music dramas rarely do: deliver rocking-out authentically — so shredding and loud it practically gives you ringing ears. The early leisurely likeable sections of the film see Ruben and Lou drifting from gig to gig in an RV, discussing Ruben’s likeness to Jeff Goldblum, flogging their own merch until just before a soundcheck when Ruben’s hearing practically disappears. Following a visit to a pharmacy and further tests, Ruben is told his hearing won’t return — expensive cochlear implants can help — and he must “eliminate all exposure to loud noise”. After Ruben breaks this dictat, Lou decides to endthe tour and get Ruben help. With this in mind, Lou puts Ruben kicking and screaming into a backwoods community for the deaf, where he comes under the auspices of kindly leader Joe (Paul Raci, a benign winning presence)." 

"But perhaps the film’s MVP is sound designer Nicolas Becker. A foley artist on Gravity and Arrival, Becker subtly but effectively evokes the changes in Ruben’s hearing, creating a colourful, varied — rock-critic cliché alert — sonic soundscape to put us inside Ruben’s head both literally and emotionally; from muffled, seemingly underwater sounds to high-pitched whines to a scratchy scraping quality, the sound-work backs up the film’s ideology of guarding against deafness as a monolithic affliction." - Empire


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