“Spectre is spectacular. If this new James Bond thriller really is the exclamation mark on the Daniel Craig era as 007, he goes out with an adrenaline rush of action, insight, drama, pathos, brutality, humility, humanity and even the occasional whisper of mischievous comedy.

“The beauty of this Bond movie is that it does all the Bondian things we expect so extremely well. For example, the opening pre-title sequence is absolutely classic and is guaranteed to leave viewers with hearts racing, blood pounding and voices ready to shout out approval.

“The sequence is staged on location in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead. By the time 007 exits from Mexico City, a big chunk of the city has blown up, some bad guys are dead, a low-altitude helicopter chase has freaked out thousands of revellers and Bond has abandoned a hot babe waiting for him on a bed. The core part of the movie picks up where the Mexico City antics left off and 007 is soon doing his spy thing in Morocco, Italy, Austria and England. Rarely in ways that his spy bosses approve of.” - Toronto Sun


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