Spring Breakers

“Neon bright and all raw energy, Spring Breakers is a pulsating paradox of a movie, both a tangerine dream and a cultural reality check, a pop artifact that simultaneously exploits and explores the shallowness of pop artifacts. We’re nothing if not engaged.
“Courtesy of writer/director Harmony Korine, the aging enfant terrible whose imagination usually runs to the darker and dingier corners of youth cult, the DayGlo opener of bikinis, breasts, booze on the Florida sands seems a big change, a headlong march right into the mainstream. But the sequence possesses an eerily hallucinatory quality at odds with the genre’s fun-in-the-sun norm. Yes, it’s the same, and it’s different.
“Cut to a quartet of co-eds on a near-deserted campus. Florida beckons, but money is short, at least until the blondes steal a car and, armed with a toy gun, rob a Chicken Delight eatery. Along with his wife Rachel, Korine has cast Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson in the lead quartet, all three best known for their work in squeaky clean projects, here, dropping F-bombs and bikini tops, they’re clearly Disney Girls Gone Wild.
“Yet the girls are just nubile figures in the movie’s own video game. But when the four get jailed after a coke fest, paradise dims and the serpent appears. Alien, who sports a head of tight cornrows, a languid Southern drawl and a lascivious smile – a look that complements his day job as dope dealer/gun runner/wannabe rapper - bails out the girls, then lures them to his den, whereupon the tone downshifts into palpable menace.
“Graduating with ease from toy guns to real, the blondes proceed to teach Alien a few hard lessons. James Franco plays him with an underbelly of vulnerability, a near-naïveté beneath his macho swagger. Some will see this movie as a shining example of female empowerment, of young women exploiting their sexuality without being exploited by it. Enlightened dream or empty nightmare, you choose. For my part, when Spring Breakers was over, the onrushing dream/nightmare ended, I awoke with a keen desire to replay the whole tape again.” - Rick Groen, Globe & Mail

Spring Breakers

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