Stars at Noon

Claire Denis' latest, won Grand Prix at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival!

A young American journalist stranded in Nicaragua falls for an enigmatic Englishman who seems like her best chance of escape. She soon realizes, though, that he may be in even greater danger than she is. 

Set in present-day Nicaragua, it tells the story of the encounter between a mysterious British businessman and an American journalist committed to following the developments of the revolution. The two, driven by a strong connection, will be the protagonists of a love story, remaining prey to a "dangerous labyrinth of lies and conspiracies", trying to escape the country.

"It’s so immaculate you can practically hear the countdown to the moment it gets grievously stained, with mud first and blood second." - Variety

"It's beautifully made, but to enjoy it you have to relax, and let it wash over you." - BBC



No screenings currently scheduled.

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