Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

"Not only charts Mr. Jobs's extraordinary record of marketing and innovation, but also presents a merciless anatomy of a complicated public character." - New York Times

"Alex Gibney might be the only documentarian to tackle two uniquely American cults in the same calendar year.

"Earlier this spring, Gibney released Going Clear: Scientology And The -Prison Of Belief, and now there’s Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine, in which Gibney unpacks the life and mythology of the Apple visionary and finds him to be a technical innovator who left a lot to be desired as a human being.

"Espousing Eastern spirituality while utterly lacking empathy, obsessed with controlling his public image while treating people terribly in his professional and personal relationships, Jobs is a fascinating subject – and our growing understanding of his talents for manipulation and martyrdom makes the wealth of archival interviews increasingly fascinating." - NOW


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