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"Switch is possibly the most balanced documentary on the current energy crisis. Instead of dwelling on the problem of diminishing energy reserves itself, this doc surveys the world's range of current energy production from the executive-level perspective of Dr. Scott Tinker, Texas State Geologist and director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas, an educated man who, while interviewing numerous energy experts, CEOs, academics, and oil-industry spokespeople, somehow gives the impression that he's learning everything for the first time.

"To make the film as understandable to the layperson as possible, Dr. Tinker measures energy sources—solar, nuclear, coal, geothermal, wind, biofuels, oil—by how many people they can supply if the average person consumes 20,000,000 watt hours in a year. Using Dr. Tinker's example Switch may prove useful in providing a rudimentary understanding of how the modern world is powered up. And the journey is, admittedly, pretty spectacular: In the manner of a National Geographic program, we're taken all over the globe to look at everything from Spain's PS10, a 300-foot-tall solar power tower that collects reflected sun rays from the 624 panels surrounding it, to a hydroelectric power plant built inside of a mountain in Norway, to an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. It's pleasant to hitch a ride on this grand tour" - Kalvin Henely, Slant

All highschool, college and university students pay $5.00. (with ID). Otherwise Regular Princess admission applies.



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