The Accountant

"'The Accountant', which stars Mr. Affleck as a math savant/marksman/martial artist who uncooks books and kicks backsides, is an effective and even affecting pop thriller." Wall Street Journal

"In The Accountant, a pulpy, peculiar and half-camp thriller that is something other than by-the-numbers, we have Ben Affleck as a bone-breaking bean-counter who is also autistic. Well, we call it autism. Director Gavin O’Connor and screenwriter Bill Dubuque might call it awe-tism, for Affleck’s Christian Wolff is a spreadsheet savant and a butt-kicker. He’s damn near indestructible and 100-per-cent undistractible as a coolly calculating combo of a forensic accountant for the unlawful and a supersniper with high-grade ammunition and low-grade social skills.

"The victory of The Accountant is in the tone. The title character isn’t presented as a superfreak – this isn’t Rain Man, in which autistic gifts are presented as powers for parlour tricks – but as a prototype and a beautiful mutant, maybe even a superhero. As for Affleck, he plays the role less like Jason Bourne and more like the dry-humoured Terminator. And where Dustin Hoffman’s autistic Raymond is a fiend for fish sticks and Judge Wapner, Affleck’s Christian – one of his aliases – appreciates Renoirs and Pollocks. (He even likes the incongruity of Dogs Playing Poker.) Throw in some Beautiful Mind math wizardry and a Dexter-like adherence to a moral code, and we have a character study as much as a ruthless shoot-’em-up." - Globe & Mail


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