The Best of Planet in Focus Film Festival

Two environmental short film double features presented by A/J!

Dir. Greg Francis • Canada • 2013 • 12min. .
Epic Western Canadian scenery is peppered with sharp words from well-chosen opponents of Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, who detail the heavy potential impact on their landscapes and the people who depend on them. Featuring A\J energy columnist Andrew Nikiforuk and a soundtrack by GodspeedYou! Black Emperor, Tar won Best Short at the 2013 Planet in Focus festival

Dir. Sebastien Mez • Germany • 2013 • 84min. .
More than half a century ago, an explosion at an under-the-radar
nuclear facility rocked a remote Russian village, wreaking untold radi-
ation damage on theTecha River and the community of Muslyumovo.
The event remained a secret throughout the Cold War, and its victims
were essentially left to mend their lives in exile. Using dreamlike
black-and-white footage of snow-blown birch forests and thick-
skinned villagers, this remarkable film captures the perseverance and
harsh memories of those who lived through the Kyshtym disaster.


CRACKDOWN • 9PM SCREENING Dir. Jan Keck • Canada • 2013 • 22min. .
Trying to get better access to a fresh, local and affordable breakfast staple may not sound like criminal activity, but it is for urban egg farmers.This satirical examination ofToronto’s bylaws and the outdat- ed concerns that have driven backyard chicken coops underground highlights both the facts and the absurdity of the situation.

Dir. Sunanda Bhat• India • 2012 • 73min.
The vibrant cultural traditions and diversity of the Adiya tribe of Wayana, South India, are being swallowed by the relentless march of modernization.Three members of the community try to find their way against the tide of development and uniformity, quietly pushing back against overharvesting and plantation-scale farming by protecting heritage seeds, medicinal plants and traditional knowledge.Their struggles are knit together by the wisdom of an ancient creation song of the dead, sung by one of the last people to know it. Won Planet in Focus’ Mark Haslam Award, which recognizes a community member trying to give voice to its collective struggle.


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