The Booksellers

"Pays warm-hearted tribute to the reading, but also the shopping, the rifling, the obsessing, the dreaming, the list-making, the shelf-organizing, and everything else book-lovers love to do." - TheWrap

Bibliophiles unite! Step inside the leather-and-musk-scented world of New York City’s rare book world, an eclectic crew of wheelers and dealers dedicated to preserving history one musty tome at a time. Behold books bound in human flesh, accounts of polar expeditions containing tufts of real mammoth fur, manuscripts scribed by Borges, and other literary curiosities. But these stranger-than-fiction relics are more than just novel—they are links to our shared past. Executive produced by Parker Posey, The Booksellers celebrates the value of books as tangible objects at a time when chain stores and e-readers threaten their very existence. - Hot Docs

"A documentary for anyone who can still look at a book and see a dream, a magic teleportation device, an object that contains the world." - Variety


No screenings currently scheduled.

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