The Braid

Three women - Smita, Giulia and Sarah - are from different parts of the world and have never met but are bound by something intimate and unique.

The multilingual film explores hope amidst adversity on three continents. Directed by Laetitia Colombani and starring Kim Raver, Avi Nash, Fotini Peluso, and Mia Maelzer, it’s an adaptation of Colombani’s bestselling novel, filmed in Italy, Canada, and India, achieving global success with over two million copies sold in 40 languages.

The movie opens in India, where Smita (Maelzer) dreams of giving her young daughter an education and will go to any length to make that happen, including leaving behind all she knows in search of a better future. Meanwhile, in Italy, Giulia (Peluso) works at her father’s wig workshop and discovers the family business is bankrupt after having an accident. In Canada, Sarah (Raver) is a talented lawyer who is about to become the head of the law firm when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Although they have never met, Smita, Giulia and Sarah are bound by something intimate and unique.

Shot over three continents, in Hindi, Italian and English languages, this ambitious movie will embrace the universal resonance of those three women fighting for hope and will emulate the success of the international bestseller.


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