The Children Act

"Emma Thompson gives one of the most moving performances of her entire career." - Hollywood Reporter. Based on the novel by Ian McEwan. From the director of 'Iris' and 'Notes on a Scandal.'

“What should take preference: the laws of society or the tenets of a religion? When should a child be granted permission to make 'adult' decisions? Do beliefs trump facts? In this smart adaptation of Ian McEwan’s 2014 novel of the same name, Emma Thompson plays a British High Court Judge tasked with rendering a decision with, literally, life and death consequences: whether a 17-year-old Jehova’s Witness (Fionn Whitehead) should be forced to receive a blood transfusion, against his will, that will potentially save his life.

“While Whitehead, as a young man torn between the teachings of his church and the untapped possibilities of adulthood, delivers a performance both disturbing and touching, and Stanley Tucci exudes warmth as Thompson’s restless husband (he comes across as the world’s most-lovable philanderer), it’s Thompson who carries the film, both literally – she’s rarely off-screen – and emotionally; the burden of this particular case weighs down almost every line of dialogue, registers in almost every expression on her face.” - The Globe and Mail


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