The Climb - Seniors Only Screening

Two lifelong pals test the boundaries of their friendship when a woman comes between them.

Seniors Only Screening

Long-time friends Kyle (Kyle Marvin) and Mike (Michael Angelo Covino) are cycling in France when Mike drops a bombshell: he has been sleeping with Kyle’s bride-to-be Ava (Judith Godrèche). The fallout of the betrayal plays out over the next decade.

"Arriving with little fanfare — it won the Coup de Coeur prize at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival — The Climb is a treat. Written by and starring real-life friends Kyle Marvin and Michael Angelo Covino (who also directs), it’s a treatise on a toxic male friendship played out over seven segments and a number of years. Leaning heavily into Marvin and Covino’s actual friendship, it’s a film that deals with the lengths (and depths) men go to preserve the sanctity of their bond in low-key, funny and surprising ways." - Empire

"Thrilling and charming in a way that very few comedies ever are." -

"What impresses most is that the laughs and bittersweet insights into rollercoaster relationships never flag - and that is what really elevates this comedy to greatness." - The Wrap

"The Climb is one of those comedies that so feels so effortless, like a natural progression of events, that it's easy to overlook how much intelligence and craft that went into it." - The Movie Crickit 


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