The Company of Strangers

National Canadian Film Day. The Company of Strangers features seven elderly women marooned in an abandoned country house near an idyllic lake after their bus breaks down. A safe quiet journey becomes an adventure in survival, and in their quest for food they rediscover the hunger of youth.

National Canadian Film Day 2018 is all about Women this year. So we chose a film - The Company of Strangers - directed by, written by and starring 100% women! At the time of release in 1990 this film was the highest grossing release of the NFB! It was one of Princess Cinemas highest grossers too!

“In this feature film, 8 elderly women find themselves stranded when their bus breaks down in the wilderness. With only their wits, memories and some roasted frogs' legs to sustain them, this remarkable group of strangers share their life stories and turn a potential crisis into a magical time of humour, spirit and camaraderie. Featuring non-professional actors and unscripted dialogue, this film dissolves the barrier between fiction and reality, weaving a heart-warming tale of friendship and courage.” - National Film Board


No screenings currently scheduled.

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