The Conversation (Princess)

A paranoid, secretive surveillance expert has a crisis of conscience when he suspects that the couple he is spying on will be murdered.

New DCP in 5.1 surround sound supervised by Walter Murch

Lonely wiretapping expert and devout Catholic Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) is hired to record a seemingly innocuous conversation in San Francisco's Union Square between two lovers. Upon re-hearing the tapes, however, Caul believes he may be putting the couple in danger if he turns the material over to his client (Robert Duvall). But what one hears can ultimately turn out to be quite different from what was actually recorded.

Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival, 1974), Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Sound nominations (Academy Awards, 1975)

"A blea and devestatingly brilliant film!" -- Time Out

"An immaculate thriller, a tudy in paranoia and loneliness, partly inspired by anotonioni's 'Blow-up', and released as the watergate scandal was unfolding, [with] one of Gene Hackman's greatest performances." -- Philip French, The Gaurdian


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