The Exorcist

"From the day of its first release in 1973, 'The Exorcist' was the greatest horror film ever made, and it remains so to this day." - Cinefantastique

"Strictly speaking this is not the director’s cut as most of the changes were made at the behest of writer/producer William Peter Blatty, who has fought for this version since 1973.  The running time now stands at a generous 128 minutes, for the story is slight - little girl starts acting crazy, mom gets desperate, and so calls in an expert - but Blatty was right to stand firm. The effect of the added footage is to enrich and deepen a movie which is all about atmosphere in the first place.

"What really makes this version worth catching on the big screen is the enhanced print. Digital cleaning has given shape and (horrific) form to the subliminal images peppered throughout. Even better, the sound, which has always obsessed Friedkin, now comes at you from all angles. From dog fights to rustling leaves, every nuance of noise contains the power to disturb.

"The Exorcist, in any form, is not about cheap shocks or easy thrills. Give yourself over to it, believe, and you will be terrified." -


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