The Girl on the Train

"Emily Blunt digs so deep into the role of a blackout drunk and maybe murderer that she raises 'Girl' to the level of spellbinder." - Rolling Stone

"The Girl on the Train tells the story of Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt), a divorcee who passes the time during her commute fantasizing about an attractive young couple who just so happen to live down the street from her ex-husband. One morning, her casual spying turns dangerous when she witnesses something she shouldn't, and before long the lives of everyone involved are spiraling out of control.

"One of the most anticipated movies of the post-summer season, Tate Taylor's The Girl on the Train (based on the novel of the same name from Paula Hawkins, and co-starring Justin Theroux, Rebecca Ferguson and Luke Evans) is a sexy, sinister new thriller which seems primed to be this year's 'Gone Girl.'" - Alamo Drafthouse


No screenings currently scheduled.

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