The Goonies (2020 re-release)

"Original and sometimes bizarre, this is a timely reminder of what 'kids' movies' can deliver." - Times (UK)

"Let’s face it, THE GOONIES never gets old (and they never say 'die'). With its endearing cast of quirky kids and a plot filled with swashbuckling adventure, it serves as the ultimate fantasy for anyone who feels stuck in the mundane humdrum of everyday life.

"After all, who wouldn’t want to be a Goonie? They get to follow old treasure maps, explore underground caverns, discover creepy pirate ships, and do battle with a dangerous gang who have no qualms about hurting children. Okay, that last one sounds less fun.

"Still, to everyone who ever wanted to be a Goonie (or for those of you meeting the Goonies for the very first time), join us as we escape into this daring, heartwarming story of lost treasure and enduring friendship." - Alamo


No screenings currently scheduled.

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