The Hidden Life of Trees

"'The Hidden Life of Trees' uses the sensorial capacities of cinema to thrillingly visualize Wohlleben's observations" - NY Times

Renowned forester and author Peter Wohlleben discusses the life, death and regeneration of trees. "Based on the 2015 best-selling book of the same title, 'The Hidden Life of Trees' is a documentary both simple and startling." - Globe & Mail

Do trees have feelings? Communicate? Care for each other? Bestselling author and forest ranger Peter Wohlleben opens our eyes to the secrets of the wood-wide-web. The climate emergency means everybody is talking about planting trees. But can forestry move away from short-term profit towards a long-term vision for wilder, healthier woodlands? You’ll never look at trees in the same way again.

"It's a documentary full of subtle, quiet moments, reminding us that a liberal dose of wonder is something quite powerful. Rather than taking nature for granted, it makes us appreciate it all the more for its many intricacies." - National Post 

"A film like this, and the work it was inspired by, and the new age of understanding it encourages, is a source of hope, the knowledge imparted within indisputable and precious." - Salon 


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