The Last White Knight

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“Filmmaker Paul Saltzman, who gave us the inspiring 2009 doc Prom Night in Mississippi continues his look at race in the South with this latest film that sees him returning to the town where he was assaulted for being a civil rights worker in 1965. Each subject, including the Klu Klux Klan member who attacked him, speaks openly and honestly about their beliefs while Saltzman attempts to examine the cause of racism, the current climate in the South and the barriers that need to be overcome to eliminate the problem altogether.
“The most striking and admirable thing about Saltzman’s film is that his subjects are allowed to discuss their beliefs without condemnation, giving the viewer an interesting insight. Saltzman also does his bit to educate about the civil rights movement. As the film so adeptly illustrates, some places in the South have not come too far since the ’60s.”- Toronto Film Scene

The Last White Knight

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