The Love Witch

She's back! "A modern feminist horror tale that rewards deep exploration beneath its admittedly beautiful surface. What looks like it might be simply a pure exercise in style not only invites multiple viewings, it requires them." - Detroit News

“Writer-director-producer Anna Biller’s The Love Witch is a brightly hued homage to Technicolor horror movies, but with a twist. Women in such movies were often little more than eye candy to be discarded — quickly, vividly and violently. Biller subverts the genre’s gender roles, focusing on a powerful but lonely female villain.

“Elaine (Samantha Robinson) is a beautiful young witch who has left San Francisco for a small Northern California town after her husband’s death.

“From the retro font of the opening credits to Elaine’s heavy makeup and the use of rear-screen projection, the film immerses us in a spot-on recreation of 'giallo' cinema, as the cheesy Italian horror films of the 1970s were known.

“Biller explores the female gaze, addressing the limits of women’s sexual fantasies. Men may satisfy Elaine’s physical needs, the film suggests, but do they really like her? The Love Witch features deliberately wooden acting and is a stunningly photographed, fascinating reinterpretation of classic melodrama.” - The Washington Post


No screenings currently scheduled.

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