The Master

Oscar Nominee! 3. Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix); Supporting Actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman); Supporting Actress (Amy Adams).

“The Master is one of the great movies of the year — an ambitious, challenging project that picks seriously at knotty ideas about American personality, success, rootlessness, master-disciple dynamics, and father-son mutually assured destruction.

“Played by Philip Seymour Hoffman with outwardly placid, inwardly volcanic force, Lancaster Dodd may be the master alluded to in the title, but he's nothing without his unholy mess of a disciple by his side. Joaquin Phoenix inhabits the role of Freddie Quell with a ferocious urgency. He's great, and he's frightening.
“We first meet Quell in the Navy during WW II, the monstrosity of war doing its part to warp what was already a soul in torment. Later Quell drifts from job to job, confusion to confusion, before being saved (or is it hypnotized?) by Dodd. Before long, Quell becomes a fervent acolyte. The Master becomes more elusive, both in the narrative and in visual style, as the story moves along and Dodd-ness blurs with Quell-ness, the two men intertwined in their needs.” - Entertainment Weekly


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