The Messenger

Presented by Clair Hills Retirement Community

Presented by Clair Hills Retirement Community. Free (with registration). “Awe and hard science share center stage in The Messenger, a wide-ranging study of songbirds’ dwindling numbers and the people who are working to protect them. Traveling the world to spotlight challenges and solutions, filmmaker Su Rynard never loses sight of the winged tunesters’ sheer beauty, or their emotional and symbolic pull.

“Rynard’s film posits that songbirds, which account for half the planet’s birds, are, collectively, the canary in the coal mine of the planetary ecosystem: Their decline is a signal of conditions that will affect us all. The director visits with ornithologists, biologists and ecologists who study migratory patterns, track populations and pinpoint growing threats: light and noise pollution, habitat destruction, climate change, the blanket use of insecticides, and species-devastating predation by outdoor domestic felines.

“Rynard makes a point, too, of showing how activism and increased awareness have led to policies and practices that benefit the delicate creatures. In Toronto, a relatively easy fix on high-rises and other buildings has significantly reduced casualties from window collisions.

"Bolstering the doc’s central argument, that a world without songbirds would be a greatly diminished one, are the loving images of warblers, grosbeaks and their cousins. Cinematographers showcase individuals at rest, in super-macro shots, as well as in flight. The doc’s stunning slo-mo footage of midair locomotion emphasizes these messengers’ grace and mystery.” - Hollywood Reporter

Presented by Clair Hills Retirement Community. For free admission, RSVP to Janice or Simonne at 519-880-8444 to reserve your seat; no exceptions.  Seating is limited.





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