The Monster Squad: Presented by Cinema Time Capsule

You know who to call when you have ghosts. But who do you call when you have monsters?

Hosted and introduced by 'Cinema Time Capsule'!

Catch this fun '80s adventure with a lightly scary twist, featuring a curated pre-show and introduction from Cinema Time Capsule!

Welcome to Cinema Time Capsule - a place where we gather to decide if the movies we grew up loving in the '80s should be preserved in our Cinema Time Capsule for the next generation. In association with The Playhouse, the movies that Cinema Time Capsule screens are chosen by you, the audience.

"Sharper than a stake in it's genre references, The Monster Squad appeals to cinephile as well as teen sensibilities." - Empire Magazine

"The Monster Squad is such fun, it makes you wish you were a kid again." - Los Angeles Times


No screenings currently scheduled.

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