The Overnight

Two couples engage in some after-hours shenanigans in this hilarious indie sex comedy

"Indecently hot and hilarious sex comedies are so rare these days. Writer-director Patrick Brice has lucked out with quartet of playfully scrappy actors who couldn't be better suited to their roles or more eager to rouse our prurient interest. I had the best time. Here's the setup: Emily (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Adam Scott) have just moved to Los Angeles from Seattle and feel like strangers in a strange land. Alex and Emily stroll in the park with their young son (R.J. Hermes) to meet some new folks, and happen on eccentric charmball Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), who speedily invites them for a pizza dinner at the gated mansion he shares with wife Charlotte (Judith Godreche) and their young son (Max Moritt).

"It's after dinner, with the kids asleep upstairs, that things get kinky. Kurt shows off his paintings, acrylic variations on the human asshole (literally), and plays Charlotte's masterwork, a smutty DVD in which she demonstrates the art of breast pumping. Schwartzman is such a pro at comic banter that you almost understand why Alex and Emily don't bolt for their car. But when Charlotte (Godreche is all flirty French hotness) whisks Emily off to a massage parlor — stay with me — things take a turn for the je ne sais quoi. Back at Chez Kurt, he and Alex are dancing nude by the pool — Kurt's huge penis looking porn-ready and Alex's looking shrunk and diminished. By the way, both peni units are played by prosthetics that should be up for Academy-Award consideration.

"Stopping short of spoiler territory, let me say that Brice, who made an impressive thriller debut with 2014's Creep, has a knack for getting the most out of four people talking. Scott, late of the much-missed Parks and Recreation, has an enviable light touch that keeps you in his corner. And Schilling, so spectacular as Piper on Orange Is the New Black, can go from screwball to dead-serious without missing a beat. She's an enchantress. So cheers to Schilling, Scott, Godreche and Schwartzman. See The Overnight for the pleasure of their company. You won't be disappointed." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


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