The Price of Everything

"A documentary for people who like Monet, money or both." - London Evening Standard

Art, Design & Architecture. "Rather than lament the pervasive influence of money on contemporary art, The Price of Everything examines the relationship between commerce and aesthetics from different angles.The sale and resale of work by living and recently dead artists is a multibillion-dollar market, which bothers some people more than others.

"An affable presence just outside of camera range, the filmmaker chats with curators and critics, painters and auction-house executives — an impressive cross-section of players with differing stakes in the game.  Buying and selling occupy a large part of The Price of Everything, but creation also receives a share of attention. We watch George Condo and Marilyn Minter at work, approaching the human figure in radically different ways. We also visit with the voluble Jeff Koons, who is supervising a workshop where technicians produce stroke-by-stroke replicas of well-known masterpieces.

"What makes a work of art great? Where does its value come from? Why do we care about this stuff? According to a figure cited in The Price of Everything, those are $56 billion questions. Even at a fraction of that price, they would be just as difficult to answer." - A.O. Scott, NY Times


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