The Quest of Alain Ducasse

"Gorgeous doc features multi-starred celebrity chef/restaurateur/entrepreneur Alain Ducasse on a world journey driven by his passions for food, knowledge and perfection." - Film Journal International

“Absorbing and cinematic, The Quest of Alain Ducasse offers the documentary equivalent of a memorable meal at one of the eponymous chef’s three Michelin-starred restaurants. Gorgeously shot for the big screen by Gilles de Maistre, it thoughtfully explores what makes the globe-trotting chef-businessman tick while following him over 18 months as he prepares to open the luxury restaurant Ore in the Palace of Versailles, visits his own establishments around the world and those of his food suppliers and samples food of all kinds.

“Under the intimate gaze of de Maistre’s discreet camera, Ducasse always appears calm, cool, centered, an exceptional manager and mentor and remarkably tireless So, what drives the socially conscious chef? Certainly, a desire to push the boundaries of his art, to be continually creative and to educate others through his cookbooks and culinary institutes. But more than anything, it’s his never-ending curiosity. He thrives on learning and sampling new things. 

“Crafted and assembled with considerable intelligence, polish and sensitivity, Ducasse benefits from a gripping, almost thriller-like score from Armand Amar.” - Variety


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