The Riot Club

"This close-up, contemporary look inside a super-secretive Oxford University dining society of ostensible gentlemen sparkles with rapid-fire dialogue and outrageous behavior." Film Journal International

“The eponymous Riot Club is a centuries-old private dinner club in which debauchery is raised to an art form. The group, which consists of 10 members, needs 2 more to continue the spectacle, and they enlist recruits: Miles (Max Irons), who’s closer to middle class than high society, and the legacy Alistair (Sam Clafin), whose brother was the club’s former president. Once the newbies are hazed, the 10 convene for their annual feast, where they plan to eat and drink to obscene levels and then destroy their hosts’ restaurant.

“The only locale that will host them is a small, family-run gastropub far away from school. As the night escalates with the usual festivities, the group’s true motivations become clear: a seething disgust for those below them and the class divide that, in their eyes, makes them worthy of this level of destruction.

"Our eyes into the club provide us with the film’s most insight, as Miles looks on in horror at the events that transpire over the night. Irons’ building disgust with the group brings some sanity to the festivities and provides the crew with apparently the only working heart. We see that while membership into The Riot Club can make your life an easy path, it can also ruin you.

“Wade’s screenplay shows how the club can take past members to obscene heights, even above the law with the right contacts and a ton of money, but also lead to failures. The status may be great, but the emotional damage simmers in the background, attacking only years later.

“The Riot Club is a tense, at times disturbing film. It’s fascinating to watch these entitled brats get their comeuppance, even if their stark moment of self-realization only lasts until daddy bails them out once again.” - Paste


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