The Wave

“It was about time Scandinavia made its first disaster movie, and the Norwegian tsunami thriller The Wave (Bolgen) makes up for the long wait. Spectacular scenery of fjords and craggy, snow-capped peaks proves as beautiful to look at as it is deadly, when a mountain crumbles in a massive rockslide and creates a cataclysmic tsunami. The Wave is a thrilling ride as it hits every major genre note with a Norwegian accent.

“The story takes place in the small community of Geiranger, nestled in the mountains, where a close-knit family lives on a remote fjord. Geologist Kristian works at an early warning center with a crew of pros whose job it is to keep one eye on the mountain and another on a big red panic button, should worst come to worst. Once the rocks start falling, the population will have just 10 minutes to vamoose to higher ground or die, so set your stopwatch.

“Kristian and his very capable, practical wife Idun are packing and preparing to move to the city. Little Julia is fine with the change, but their teenage son is resentful at being torn away from the astounding beauty of his home. The screenplay uses the first hour to build the quiet before the storm.

“Director Roar Uthaug and the screenwriters make the most of the unique location, which lends itself to jaw-dropping vistas from every camera angle. It's an apt setting for an abrupt transition from the soul-stirring peace of nature to the unstoppable destruction of a monster wave that roars through the gorge, lit by the eerie light of car headlights. The SFX are convincingly terrifying and involving, and the cast is headlined by two of Norway’s leading actors, who give the characters unusual depth for a genre film.” - Hollywood Reporter



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