The Wife

"A slow burn that morphs from a simple domestic drama into a powerful mystery, the film is carried by the capable shoulders of the extraordinary Close, who seems poised for a Best Actress nomination and possibly more." - Punch Drunk Critics

Oscar-Nominated: Best Actress (Glenn Close) "Swedish director Björn Runge’s The Wife is a warts-and-all portrait of the long, committed marriage of a couple in old age. Glenn Close constructs an authoritative performance as Joan Castleman, a cultured woman in her 70s whose husband has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Joe (the equally superb Jonathan Pryce), ecstatic from the late-night phone call from Sweden announcing the news, lifts Joan to stand on the bed with him and bounce together like kids on a trampoline. A brilliant, self-important Philip Roth type with a brutally caustic sense of humor, Joe never believed he’d win the big brass ring.

"Joan is thrilled, too, but oh so subtly ambivalent, showing whatever resentment she carries just glancingly. She remembers once being the ultimate prize, the most important part of Joe’s life.

"The title of the film lays her situation on the line, as she watches him prepare for photographs that will erase her from history. To call a woman 'the wife' is the most anonymous, most uncredited of labels. And Joan has held that unobtrusive role for decades, shadowed by the great man of letters at first thankfully, then willingly, if not always happily.

"The story travels from the present day to 1958 and 1968 and 1992, from Connecticut to Stockholm, clarifying her inner tension and watching it grow. Runge, an author himself, gives the film a solid dramatic backbone, looping across time and place without ever losing focus, revealing important small things along the way.

"This could be — should be — the part that finally wins the radiant Close, the six-time Oscar nominee, her award. 4 out of 4 stars" - Minneapolis Star-Tribune


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